Long Beach Muscle Butt
He's a 6' muscle butt hunk from Long Beach, California who came to pose for the MightyMen.Com cameras in July 2000. Hairy muscular chest, swim wear, Speedo, underwear.

Occasionally when we photograph a guy for our site he will ask to have his e-mail and description removed because of the massive amount of e-mail he receives. Offers from guys all over the world will fill the e-mail boxes of our models with offers to fly them all over the world from horny men everywhere. The pressures of being an internet supermodel are must too much for some guys to handle. Not that LB Muscle Butt is a wimp, but fame can be a bitch.

But this guy's muscle butt, big cock, and hairy chest photos were so hot we thought we'd continue to display them. When LB Muscle Butt showed up for his photo session we were completing another photo session of member 6161. The two muscle hunks hit it off and began going at each other. Next thing you know they were jerking off and loads of cum were flying everywhere. Its all in a days work.

Photos by Jon Royce for MightyMen.Com

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