Chris Rockway


Chris Rockway

eXXXclusive  video of Chris Rockway's morning boner jack off scene from his very first porn video shoot for MightyMen.Com. You know how it is when you wake up with that morning boner? Yeah, well that is what happened with Rockway. It was an early hot July morning and this hot man needed some erection correction.

Rockway has this fantasy about fucking some girl (he was still straight back then) with a few other guys and just pounding the daylights out of her pussy.  All the while he is stroking that cock.  It pops out from his underwear and he slaps it on his abs.  Pulls off those boner filled underwear and rises up and starts fucking his hand.  He pumps and grinds and moans.  He morning wood gets bigger and thicker and those rock hard pecs get bigger and his abs get tighter. Then all of a sudden he head jacks back and he sprays a huge fucking load of jizz all over the place.

He wipes himself clean with a pillow case (it was morning and there wasn't a cum towel nearby).  I just love that man's huge arms and that ass.  Oh that ass.  Chris I just want you to know you can come and wipe your jizz on my pillow case anytime. o watch the full video.

Orientation:  Straight as they Cum

Roll:  Cock Jacker

Experience:  Amateur, First Time Model

Home:  Mid-West



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