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Gay Hunk Dale Cooper: Hot, hot, hot - Dale is super hot.  I first met Dale Cooper before he began shooting gay porn and I thought he was very hot and sexy.  He's got that nasty guy look.  What I mean by nasty is - you take one look at him and immediately you begin seducing him with your eyes.  I wanted to take him into a back room and just fuck the daylights out of him.  Dale has a sexy baseball player type of body.  Not too big, not at all skinny, but just right.  He's got ripped abs, sexy, nipples that you just want to pinch and lick, a nice hairy bubble butt, and a mouth that you just want to stick your cock in.  For all of you hairy armpit fetish guys, you will love Dale.


Pubes and a big curved dick - I prefer that all male models keep from shaving their pubes when shooting for MightyMen.Com.  Not a problem with Dale.  He keeps it natural.  His dick is long with a slight curve and that hard cock shoots thick, white loads of cum. VERY HOT.  Happy to have Dale on the site.  Check out his first video for MightyMen.Com where he plays a male escort - The Male Escort files  - Secret Agent Sex. HOT!!!

Orientation: Gay

Roll: Cock Sucker, Top, Bottom

Experience: Nude Male Modeling, Gay Porn Star, Stripper

Home: Men of D.C.

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Colby Keller and Dale Cooper in Secret Agent Sex
Dale Cooper in Male Escort Files Episode 1.3
Dale Cooper Male Escort Files Screen Caps
Future Porn Product
Future Porn Product

Gay porn legend and superstar Matthew Rush picked MightyMen.Com for his first post-Falcon Studios video shoot and photo spread. A 36 y.o. 6 ft. tall rock hard body builder, now sporting new tattoos and a more mature young daddy look.One of the hottest men ever to hit the porn screens around the world, Matthew Rush will continue to please fans with his good looks, big thick made for porn hard cock and his stellar porn performances.

Within a few days after leaving his Falcon Studios contract, Matthew Rush was here with me shooting his first post Falcon Studios porn video and nude photos. He was in a very happy space in his life and I wanted the photos to reflect that.

We kicked around the idea of having him fuck the daylights out of some guy but decided to go with a solo video. A video with a light look which would be different from Falcon. Not that there is anything wrong with Falcon, they have done great work. We just wanted something to give him a new and personal look.

His photos are great and the video was more than I expected.

Orientation: 100% gay, no question, M4M

Roll: Cock Jacker

Experience: 100% professional gay porn legend

Home: Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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