Sean Steel

Nude Body Builder Sean Steel

Body builder Sean Steel began shooting with MightyMen.Com in 2005. He is 6' tall, weighs over 200 lbs and has an 8" big thick cock. Sean a very good looking college guy and personal trainer who came to us from Pennsylvania to perform in a series of jerk off video and group jack offs. He is as "Straight as they Cum" and is a fan favorite. Sean had an exclusive contract with us and to my knowledge he does not appear on any other site at this time. Sean is fucking massive in size and causes quite a stir when walking down the street. He can fill out a muscle shirt with no problem.

Unlike many other straight guys doing gay porn, Sean has stuck to his guns and won't fuck other guys in videos (or in real life), but he has gotten a few steps closer when he appeared with Jack Stone and Don Snow in "Straight Buddies Jack", a video that features the three hot guys hanging out on a hot Sunday night and checking out the latest porn.  Straight Buddies Jack has been one of our most successful video.

You'll love all of Sean photo spreads and his solo videos, including my favorite "Late Night Jack Off".  Sean and I had been out and we returned back to my place at about 2:00 a.m.  I challenged Sean to stroke off his dick one more time before going to bed and he went for it.  He's a great guy and a lot of fun to watch.  Yeah, he's a MightyMen.Com eXXXclusive model.

Orientation: Straight as they Cum

Role:  Cock Jacker, Group Cock Jacker, M4M Oral

Experience:  First Time Model - MightyMen.Com eXXXclusive


Late Night Jack Off, Sean Steel
Big Muscle Jack Off Video
Sean Steel's Morning Boner Video
Sean Steel in Straight Buddies Jack
Body Builder Sean Steel gets a blow job

Late Nite Jack Off
Big Muscle Jack Off Video
Morning Boner Video Stage Hand - Jeffrey - Audition and Jack Off
Naked Body Builder gets a blow job

Photo Spreads:

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Sean Steel strokes his muscle cock
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Sean Steel poses in black tank top
Late Night Jack Off Screen Caps
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Straight Buddies Jack
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Sean Steel Naked Blow Job Screen Caps

Sean Steel Naked blow job screen caps