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Hampton - Photo Spread - 01
Handsome, Hard and Built Black Male Model
Virginia by Jon Royce
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Not long ago I was contacted by Hampton about photographing him for my sites and after talking to him on the telephone I was eager to meet him and get him in front of the cameras. He lives in Virginia and I drove to meet him one night, picked him up and drove to the eastern beaches of Virginia. It was a weekend where I was photographing several guys and traveling through several states. Hampton came along for the ride and to help out with the driving and photographing the other guys. We hit it off right away and several hours later we were checking into a hotel in southern Virginia. The weekend was going to be busy and ever spare minute I had, I wanted to be photographing Hampton. Almost immediately after checking into the hotel we were putting sheets up over the walls and over the bed to create a studio type atmosphere. And I have to admit I was eager to see Hampton remove his clothes. I've been photographing guys for more than 20 years and I must admit that Hampton was one of the sexiest men I'd ever seen. Yeah, I know he's not the typical white bread circuit boy that I usually photograph but I don't discriminate.

Hampton has silky smooth black skin, ripped abs, thick thighs, and what I call "basketball ass". That's where it looks like some has chopped a basketball in half and implanted it in a guy's ass cheeks. I've also heard people refer to it as "high rise butt". And usually these butts are found on very fit and active black men. Yeah, OK, I'm going to get a lot of e-mail from guys telling me I'm being politically incorrect, but you'll have to forgive me for now. Its just an observation from someone who looks a lot at guy's naked butts.

If you're in Miami, San Diego, Richmond, VA, or Los Angeles, there's a chance you might run into him on the street. If you do, be sure and stop him and say hello. He's a very friendly guy and I'm sure he'd appreciate hearing from you.

Hamtpon - 20 new photos. Sexy muscle shots - semi-nude. Nude shots coming soon.

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handsome muscular black men big dicks
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