Billy Santoro Live and Nude

September 20th, 2014 by Jon Royce

Mega Porn Star Billy Santoro Live and Nude at Secrets in D.C.

Billy Santoro

Billy Santoro

Hot, hung, handsome and built gay porn star and male stripper was featured last night at Secrets in D.C.  Looking as good as ever, the D.C. based porn star put on a great show and hung out with fans and admirers.  One of the nicest guys in gay porn.  Take a look at some of the pics and be sure and give a star rating below.  Also, share on Facebook and Twitter.  The plug would be appreciated.

Bill Santoro on his knees

Billy Santoro on his knees

Also visiting last night was our own body builder Sean Steel.  He stopped by to check out the club.

Billy Santoro Naked Hard Cock

Billy Santoro Naked Hard Cock

Billy’s hard cock was at full attention.  So was the crowd!!

Billy Santoro Muscular and Nude

Billy Santoro Muscular and Nude, Ass and Back Shot

It’s odd, but Billy and I never met until last night.  I’ve been in D.C. area for over a decade working with and discovering top name models and gay porn stars like Leo Giamani, Vince Ferrelli, Sean Steel, Reese Rideout, Chris Rockway, Rock Logan and so on.  I guess we’re friends now!! I asked Billy about doing a shoot with his boyfriend/husband Seth Santoro.  Will let you all know how that goes.

Billy Santoro's Big Hard Dick

Billy Santoro's Big Hard Dick

Above, Billy has the crowd’s attention with his big, hard boner!!!  Nice to meet you, Billy.

Click those star’s below and share on Twitter.  Let me know about your thoughts on Ryan Chase.  Also, check out Billy’s ad on Rentboy.Com.  If you haven’t hit that yet, you might want to get some of that Santoro ass!!!  It’s nice.

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Nude Male Stripper Seth Treston Santoro

September 7th, 2014 by Jon Royce

Seth Santoro Live and Nude At Secrets in D.C.

Nude Male Stripper Seth Santoro

Nude Stripper Seth Santoro

Seth Santoro strips live and nude at Secrets in D.C.

Seth Santoro's Big Dick

Nude Male Stripper Seth Santoro

Finally, after several months, I ventured out to meet Seth Santoro, the gay male stripper / porn star / male escort now living in the D.C. area and is the boyfriend of Billy Santoro.  Billy will be making an appearance at Secrets on September 19, and I’ll be sure to get out and snap some shot.  Seth is a really good looking guy.  Great body and love the way his cock stays up and hard.  Looking forward to shooting a set of nude pics on Seth soon.

Nude Male Stripper Brian

Nude Male Stripper Brian's Bare Butt

Also on hand at Secrets is Brian.  A young, hunky stud that may or may not like to bottom.  :)    For years I’ve been trying to get Brian to do a nude photo shoot and will continue to proposition him until he’s let it all show on camera.  Such a hottie hunk.  Always nice to see his sexy body naked whenever I venture over to that naked male strip club in D.C.

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Introducing Levi Dane, Big Cock Male Stripper’s Nude Photo Shoot

June 10th, 2014 by Jon Royce
Big Cock Male Stripper Levi Dane Nude Photo Shoot

Nude Male Strippers First Jack Off Photo Shoot

Introducing Levi Dane in His First Nude Jack Off Photo Shoot.

Levi is a local Washington, D.C. hunk that I met through Matt King at Secrets Nightclub in D.C., which is a great place to check out male models before you photograph them because you have the opportunity to check the guy out.  Levi is a very tall, good looking, young big cock stud that wanted to try his luck in the nude modeling and hard core gay porn industry.  He’s a very nice guy, sweet personality, smiles a lot and likes being naked in front of crowds of men.

On the day of the photo shoot, Matt brought Levi and I invited Peter Mekhail and put the three guys in front of a back drop and just let things happen.  Levi had never met Peter and was impressed (like many others) by Peter’s big, thick cock.  Levi went for Peter’s dick and Peter fingered Levi’s butt.

What you can find now in the MightyMen.Com photo galleries is a 40 shot set of pics of Peter, Matt and Levi posing in underwear, naked and Levi’s big hard cock shooting off a load with a little help from Peter.  Check it out.

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The Jack on Blacks are Cumming

June 7th, 2014 by Jon Royce
Gay Pup Kai Jacks Uncut Cock on Black Tank TopGay Pup Kai Jacks Uncut Cock on Black Tank Top

The Jack Your Cock on a Black T-shirt or Tank Top Photo Sets Are Coming.

Something I’ve always wanted to do is shoot a series of regular guys, gay porn stars, gay male escorts, and male strippers in a series of photos where the guys where a black shirt and shoot their loads all over themselves.  Lately that’s what I’ve been doing.  Shooting a couple of black muscle guys, escorts, strippers and the like shooting their loads all over their black shirts.

Kai (above) is a gay male stripper and male model that decided to take me up on my offer.  He describes himself as  a “pup”.  I’m not sure exactly how that all works, but I thought this gay pup was kind of hot and wanted him for the series of photos.  So far the Jack on Black series is turning out pretty well and will be available soon in the MightyMen.Com Photo Sets.

Also coming up soon are episodes 1.4 and 1.5 of the Mal e Escort Files.  Episode 1.4 is entitles “Pay Up or Put Out” and stars Trevor Knight and new cummer Levi Dane.  Episode 1.5 stars Angel Rock and Dale Cooper returns as Estavan, the head of te It Pays To Put Out Male Escort Agency.

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Devin Adams is The Investigator

February 17th, 2013 by Jon Royce

Gay Porn Naked Hunk Devin Adams is “The Investigator” in the Male Escort Files, Episode 1.3

Devin Adams and Dale Cooper

Naked Guy Hunk Devin Adams is on a mission to get to the bottom of the gay Secret Agent Sex Scandal and is tasked with investigating the It Pays to Put Out escort agency and the male escort who was stiffed by Secret Agent Keller a few months back. Investigator Adams sets up a fake escort session with Estaban (played by Dale Cooper) the Latino male escort at the center of the scandal, but when Investigator Adams arrives at the Whoretel, Estaban becomes suspicious of Adams he turns the tables and makes an offer the Investigator can’t refuse – a piece of the same hot muscle ass that Keller fucked.

Adams can’t resist a hot, afternoon, on the job cock sucking and fucking Estaban’s hot muscle ass, so he ditches the investigation and sticks his hard cock into the male escort. Estaban cums while riding Devin’s big, hard dick and shoot his cum load all over Adams hairy legs and Devin follows up with a thick load of jizz all over his own stomach.

The Investigator is the third Male Escort Files release in the web series.  The first “Secret Agent Sex Scandal” stars Dale Cooper as the male escort and Colby Keller as Secret Agent Keller.  “The Recruit” stars Men of D.C. porn star and male stripper Matthew King and Peter Mekhail as the recruit.

Members can:

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December 9th, 2012 by Jon Royce

Episode 2 – The Recruit stars Matthew King and Peter Mekhail

Male Escort Files - The Series

Male stripper Matt King takes on the role of Matt the male escort in the second episode of our web series and Peter Mekhail plays the Recruit.  In this episode Peter has just been released from the military and decides to call the It Pays to Put Out Agency for a sexual romp before  returning to Texas to look for a post-military job.  Agency owner Estaban (played by Dale Cooper) can’t take the appointment due to the fact that he is in high demand after being involved in a Secret Agent Sex Scandal, so he calls on Men of D.C. male stripper Matt King to come in and put out for the cash.  Matt gladly takes the assignment and meets up with Peter at the Whoretel.

Matt gladly works over Peter’s 8″ thick cock.  Sucking that cock, licking Peter’s hard cock head before he finally lays back and opens up for Peter’s boner.  Peter drills Matt’s tight muscle ass and Matt is visibly enjoying every minute of it.  Peter moves Matt onto the floor and gives his ass a power drill.  Peter finishes off by shooting a huge load all over Matt’s naked body.  Peter slides his fingers into Matt’s ass as Matt’s strokes his own cock and shoot a huge load of jizz all over his chest.

Matt is so impressed by Peter’s big dick and his topping talents that he suggests to Peter that Peter think about staying in Washington, D.C. and work for the It Pays to Put Out Agency.  Peter considers the idea and then is instructed by Matt to cough up the $700.00 escort fee and buy him dinner.

Members can:

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Male Strippers Hayden Richards and Matt King

August 11th, 2012 by Jon Royce

Gay Porn Star Hayden Richards and New Gay Porn Star Matt King Strip Live and Nude at Secrets in D.C.

Nude Male Strippers Hayden Richards and Matt King
Nude Male Strippers Hayden Richards and Matt King

Last night I met super hot gay porn star and male stripper Hayden Richards at Secrets male strip club in Washington, D.C. He is in town visiting from Florida and hanging out with his buddy Matthew King. Hayden is so damn hot and handsome. He’s performed in over 40 gay porn videos and is pretty well known in the gay porn industry. Hayden has that guy next door, college jock type of look. Stands about 6′ tall, smooth muscular body and a nice cock. The packed house loved him and treated Hayden well. Matt King is a good looking Washington, D.C. local and a regular nude male stripper at Secrets.

Matt King is a tall, good looking Washington, D.C. area resident and a regular nude male stripper at Secrets. I met Matt several years ago and would often encourage him to get into the porn industry. Just a few weeks ago Matt took the plunge into the world of gay porn and has shot several scenes with various companies in Florida. Soon the world will know what us D.C. residents have known for years – MATT is a super nice guy, a very hot bottom with a big hard dick and a great smile. Hot, smart guys like Matt usually do well in porn and I’m looking forward to finally working with him and watching him rise to the top of the industry. Good luck on your porn career.

You can check out Hayden and Matt Live and Nude tonight at Secrets in D.C.

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Dale Cooper is One Hell of a Sexy Guy

June 10th, 2012 by Jon Royce
Dale Cooper is one hell of a sexy guy and his first video release for MightyMen.Com is now available.  Dale takes on the roll as a high end Washington, D.C. male escort that is hired by Secret Agent Keller played by Colby Keller.

When putting this video shoot together I wanted to have a little fun with the video and poke a little fun at D.C. male escorts and the recent secret agent sex scandal.  Colby Keller signed on immediately and I had another guy lined up – a real Washington, D.C. male escort who at the last minute decided he had something else to do on the day of the shoot.  So Colby, being the patient man that he is, understood the postponing of the shoot and recommended Dale Cooper.  I wasn’t sold on Dale having only met him once briefly at a D.C. gay nightclub.  So I told Colby to hold off and I’d find someone else.  Colby urged me to hire Dale for the shoot and I gave in.  It wasn’t anything against Dale, but Colby and Dale had worked together for Lucas or some other company and I didn’t want to repeat the pairing.

Dale Cooper in Secret Agent Sex

Colby Keller sucks Dale Cooper's Big Cock in Video

I gave Colby the concept for the video:  Colby is a gay guy who plays a straight guy, a secret agent that travels to Washington, D.C. on business and, like so many real life business men, decide to hire a male escort while away from the wife and girlfriend back home.  The secret agent hooks up with his male hooker and decides to not pay the agreed upon amount and the escort gets riled up and turns the tables on his client.  Silly, yes, but it ended up being a hot and sexy video between Colby and Dale.

Usually, when shooting a porn video, you don’t give the guys a lot of concept or many lines.  Porn performs aren’t usually very good at getting lines straight or usually not any where near convincing in their delivery.  Keep it simple.

Dale Cooper shocked me.  He is a great performer and took his lines very seriously.  In addition, he added came up with additional lines and kept the concept of the story going.  Mind you, none of the lines were written down.  We were pretty much making it up as we shot.

Big Dick Dale Cooper Naked

Big Dick Dale Cooper Naked

We ended up with a great shoot and a hot product.  Colby Keller as usual is hot and Dale ends up taking every inch of  Secret Agent Keller’s big thick cock.  Agent Keller and male hooker Estafan (played by Dale) give it all they have.  They didn’t hold back the passion and they didn’t go easy on each others asses.  Estafan gives Keller a pretty hard pounding after Keller tries to short change his hooker.  Keller gets stiffed in the end.  Ha!

Enjoy the video. .

Members Can:

Hopefully we will see Dale Cooper and Colby Keller in the future.  I feel obligated to mention that both Dale and Colby are performers and no secret agents or male escorts were used in the production of this video.  Colby and Dale are both Men of D.C. area based performers. I

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Naked Black Muscle Brick

May 18th, 2012 by Jon Royce

Naked Black Man Alert – Muscle Hunk Brick Jacks His Dick in XXX Video “Eblackulator 2“:

Naked Black Muscle Star Brick Jacks His Dick
Naked Black Muscle Star Brick Jacks His Dick

Black Muscle Star Brick is always entertaining. He is fun, has a crazy, carefree personality and he certainly doesn’t mind getting naked in front of the camera and off camera.  When Brick is your guest for a few days straight, you can be guaranteed on thing (at least one) – he is going to get naked, show off his gorgeous black muscular body and jack off his thick hard cock.  I wanted Brick to come by and meet another male model.  One that would potentially bottom for Brick in an upcoming video.  The meeting was set for a Saturday morning and Brick arrived the night before.  We woke up and Brick was completely naked with a morning boner.  He didn’t get dressed – he just walked around naked.  I knew he was going to jack his dick again (he jacked it the night before while watching TV before going to bed), so I asked him to hold off until the other model arrived.

When the other model showed up, he walked into the room where the stunning black muscle hunk was just hanging out naked.  So I whipped out the video camera and Brick put on a show.  Brick thought he was going to have to win over the new guy, but little did Brick know that the model was impressed at first sight of Brick’s rock hard muscular body.  So Brick jacked off his hard cock while the model watched and he shot a thick white load all over his hand.

Brick got in the shower to get cleaned up and the other model told me he was eager to get fucked by Brick.  We all went to breakfast, came back and shot the fuck scene (to be release later).  In the meantime, watch Brick jack his big black muscle dick in the “Eblackulator 2“.

Members Can:

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Colby Keller on the Set

May 12th, 2012 by Jon Royce

On the set of “Secret Agent Sex” starring Men of D.C. gay porn stars Colby Keller and Dale Cooper:

Gay Porn Star Dale Cooper
Gay Porn Star Dale Cooper

Coming this June to MightyMen.Com are Colby Keller and Dale Cooper, two of our local Men of D.C. Porn Stars.  Just got done shooting the timely themed Secret Agent Sex video with two of the hottest guys on the porn scene.  Colby returns to MightyMen.Com for his second gay porn scene and Dale Cooper will make his debut.

Colby Keller Gets Fucked in Secret Agent Sex
Colby Keller Gets Fucked in Secret Agent Sex

Muscle hunk Colby Keller plays a secret agent on a government trip and while he’s away from his wife on the government’s dime, he decides to hook up with a male escort played by Dale Cooper.  They agree on an amount and Colby stiff’s  Dale in the end (in more ways than one).  Dale, being a resourceful male escort takes action and puts Colby into a position of submission.

Colby Keller sniffs the Flowers outside of Freddie’s Gay Bar in Crystal City, VA along with Dale Cooper.

Colby Keller outside of Freddies in Arlington

Colby and Dale stop to sniff the flowers outside of Freddie’s Gay Bar in Arlington, VA. Colby the handsome scruffy muscle stud plays Secret Agent Keller in the upcoming gay porn video “Secret Agent Sex”, coming this June to MightyMen.Com. (see above). Freddie’s bar is located just a few blocks from the Pentagon which may explain why Special Agent Keller was in town on business and looking to hook up with a gay male hooker.

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