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Gay Asian Muscle Hunk Set To Top

Saturday, May 14th, 2011 by Jon Royce

Men of D.C. Gay Asian Muscle Hunk to Top in Video.

Our very own Men of Washington, D.C. gay porn star Jessie Lee is set to top in his second porn video this week.  If all goes well Jessie will be topping Latino beef cake Draven Torres who recently starred in “Brutal” from Raging Stallion.

Gay Asian Muscle Hunk Jessie Lee
Gay Asian Muscle Hunk Jessie Lee

Jessie’s first video, a “Naked Men of D.C.” solo audition effort has been a huge success on our site and he’s garnered international attention from fans and reviewers alike.  It’s rare in the gay porn world to fine male Asian nude models, especially when they are extremely good looking and muscular like Jessie.  He wants to start his hard core gay fucking career by topping in his first few videos.  I call Jessie a “gay porn activist” as he wants to show the world that hot Asian guys can be powerful tops.  If all goes well this week our hot Asian stud will get his chance to stick his nicely hung hard cock into Draven’s tight ass. It’s been a challenge to find a guy to bottom for our hot muscle stud and many porn models decline when asked to work with an Asian model.  Torres stepped right up to the challenge even without seeing Jessie’s photos.  Once he got a look at Jessie, he was even more encouraged.

Naked Hunk Jessie Lee Shows Off Bubble Butt and Beefy Legs
Naked Hunk Jessie Lee Shows Off Bubble Butt and Beefy Legs

I think Draven Torres will enjoy bottoming for Jessie and I am looking forward to the match up between the two. Guys in the Washington, D.C. area will have the opportunity to see the shirtless muscle guys live, nude and in person this coming Friday, the 20th of May, when the two male strippers appear live and nude at our MightyMen.Com night party at Secrets in D.C.

Hung Cock Asian Muscle Jock Jessie Lee Poses Naked
Hung Cock Asian Muscle Jock Jessie Lee Poses Naked

Hopefully by this time next week Jessie and Draven’s video will be in the can and fans would have had the chance to see them perform live and nude at our Washington, D.C. all nude male strip bar, and by this time next week we will all be enjoying brunch at Freddies on 23rd Street in Arlington, Va.  In the meantime, feel free to post a comment about you thoughts on Jessie Lee, Asian guys in porn and whatever else you like.  If you’d like to be one of our MightyMen.Com Male Porn Models, click on the banner below and apply.  We are looking for amatuer guys between 20 and 30 years old, muscular, all races and not afraid to show it off in front of the world.

Naked Muscle Men Wanted Male Strippers and Models
Naked Muscle Men Wanted Male Strippers and Nude Models
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Gay Porn Star Trevor Knight Live and Nude

Sunday, February 20th, 2011 by Jon Royce

Gay Porn Star Trevor Knight Put on a Show for the Men of D.C.

Big dick porn star Trevor Knight gave the Men of D.C. a first hand look at his big cock Friday night when he performed live and nude at our MightyMen.Com party at Secrets in D.C.  For the past eight years or so Trevor has performed in dozens of gay porn videos and has been touring the world performing in clubs and one on one meetings with fans.  Travis let me know a few weeks ago that he would be in D.C. and we added him to the roster of gay porn stars that have performed at our parties at Secrets in D.C.

Big Dick Porn Star Trevor Knight Live and Nude
Big Cock Porn Star Trevor Knight Live and Nude
Trevor Knight and Gay Porn Amateur Jessie Lee
Trevor Knight and Gay Porn Amateur Jessie Lee

Our own MightyMen.Com eXXXclusive star gay Asian muscle model Jessie Lee joined Trevor live and nude on stage.  Jessie and Trevor took a very quick liking to each other, which is not at all a surprise since Jessie has a pretty hot gym boy body and a very big dick.  Jessie’s first gay porn video will be released within the next few weeks.  You’ll be able to see Jessie stroke his big dick in his first every gay porn audition video right here in MightyMen.Com.  Right now we are searching for the right guy to bottom for Jessie in an upcoming video.  In his interview Jessie stated that he would like to destroy the perception that gay Asian muscle guys are only good for bottoming in videos.

Gay Asian Muscle Star Jessie Lee strokes his big dick
Gay Asian Muscle Star Jessie Lee strokes his big dick

But I think once a few of the potential bottoms get a look at Jessie’s dick, his bubble butt and his thick beefy thighs they will forget about his hot bubble butt and spread those legs.  For now members can view screen cap photos from Jessie’s Audition video and for Washington, D.C. residents and visitors you can once in a while catch him at Secrets on the weekends stripping live and nude.  You can also friend Jessie Lee and Trevor Knight on Facebook.

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Asian Muscle Gym Boy

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010 by Jon Royce

New Potential Male Model Jessie Lee – Asian Muscle Gym Boy

Discovering new male porn models is a lot of fun and once in a while someone different comes along.  About two months ago I ran into this hot Asian guy at a club in Washington, D.C.  He was shirtless and hanging out with a group of friends.  I wanted to approach him and figured it would take a few drinks before I had enough nerve to go up to him and chat.  So I got a couple of drinks and went for it.  I introduced myself and to my surprise he knew who I am and that helped.  I told him that I thought he was just incredible and loved his shirtless body and asked him about posing nude for photos and trying out for porn.  At first he wasn’t too receptive and we went our separate ways.

Asian Muscle Boy Jessie Lee
Asian Muscle Gym Boy Jessie Lee

Judging by the photo above you can already tell that I eventually got him to agree to pose for nude photos.  What I really liked about Jessie was his smooth, toned, gym boy body and his exception good looks.  I ran into him later at the bar and gave him my phone number and e-mail  Also by this time everyone was leaving and I had one last question for him – how big is your cock and would he show it to me.  I asked, he hesitated but then he open up his jeans and showed me a soft but nicely plump dick.  His pubes were shaved, too.  A bit of a turn off for me.

Asian Muscle Boy Jessie Lee
Asian Muscle Boy with Dick Showing through Underwear

Jessie told me he’d give me a call and weeks went by without hearing from him.  Then one day I get this e-mail and it took a minute to figure out the e-mail was coming from this hot Asian gym boy I had met earlier in the summer.  I asked him what took so long for him to contact me and he told me that he was letting his pubes grow out for our test shoot.

Asian Muscle with Big Hard Cock
Asian Muscle guy posing nude with Big Hard Cock

We immediately set up a time for him to come by for a few quick nude test shoot photos, something that I could post here on the blog and get user input.  It is not often that I or any other photographer get to work with hot Asian guys.  I am often asked why and the answer is always the same.  Not many Asian guys apply to be naked in photos or apply to be male porn models.  So I am doubly excited to have this cute guy with a nice gym body and an exceptionally long cock come to MightyMen.Com and apply.

HOT OR NOT?:  Please use the star rating below and let me know what you think about new potential porn model Jessie Lee. (10 is HOT)

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