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Naked Black Muscle Brick

Friday, May 18th, 2012 by Jon Royce

Naked Black Man Alert – Muscle Hunk Brick Jacks His Dick in XXX Video “Eblackulator 2“:

Naked Black Muscle Star Brick Jacks His Dick
Naked Black Muscle Star Brick Jacks His Dick

Black Muscle Star Brick is always entertaining. He is fun, has a crazy, carefree personality and he certainly doesn’t mind getting naked in front of the camera and off camera.  When Brick is your guest for a few days straight, you can be guaranteed on thing (at least one) – he is going to get naked, show off his gorgeous black muscular body and jack off his thick hard cock.  I wanted Brick to come by and meet another male model.  One that would potentially bottom for Brick in an upcoming video.  The meeting was set for a Saturday morning and Brick arrived the night before.  We woke up and Brick was completely naked with a morning boner.  He didn’t get dressed – he just walked around naked.  I knew he was going to jack his dick again (he jacked it the night before while watching TV before going to bed), so I asked him to hold off until the other model arrived.

When the other model showed up, he walked into the room where the stunning black muscle hunk was just hanging out naked.  So I whipped out the video camera and Brick put on a show.  Brick thought he was going to have to win over the new guy, but little did Brick know that the model was impressed at first sight of Brick’s rock hard muscular body.  So Brick jacked off his hard cock while the model watched and he shot a thick white load all over his hand.

Brick got in the shower to get cleaned up and the other model told me he was eager to get fucked by Brick.  We all went to breakfast, came back and shot the fuck scene (to be release later).  In the meantime, watch Brick jack his big black muscle dick in the “Eblackulator 2“.

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Introducing Luciano “Long Dick” Lucky Milan First Time Male Porn Model

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009 by Jon Royce

Lucky “Long Dick” Milan makes his gay porn debut with his first gay porn solo video and photo spread. 

Long Dick Lucky Milan, Amateur Gay Porn Model

 He’s a straight guy from the Wisconsin/Great Lakes area of the country and he has a big fucking dick with set of low hanging balls.  This fucker likes to strokes his big cock and shoot his jizz several times a day when he’s not out looking for girls to fuck.

So I asked him why he wants to do gay porn – a question asked of all the straight guys – and Lucky really didn’t have an answer.  Who in the fuck knows?  Many guys use the “I’m doing gay porn thing for the money” as an excuse to try out their bi-sexuality or they just want to experiment with guy.  Whatever the deal is with Mr. Long Dick, I don’t care.  I’m just glad to have him and his big dick on the site.

He’s extremely good look and extremely shy in front of the camera, to the point where he is almost painfully shy.

I think you will enjoy his photos and his debut video and his first load of on camera cum.

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Black Muscle Hunk Brick Flexes His Biceps and Jacks His Cock

Sunday, July 26th, 2009 by Jon Royce

Black Muscle Hunk Brick Jacks His Black CockBlack Muscle Brick is a handsome black man from Philadelphia that I was so happy to have be a part of my sites. He’s a popular star on several black men sites on the net but he’s not appeared on my mainstream gay sites. Brick is extremely handsome and muscular, thick bulging biceps, huge pecs and an incredible ass. He has that thug appearance but in real life he is a heck of a nice guy.

It was fun for me to watch this handsome black muscle man expose his body and stroke his cock.  He talked dirty and I loved that.  He’s got that New York attitude.  East coast guys rock!!!

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Nude Body Builder Photos of Peter Latz

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009 by Jon Royce

Peter Latz stops by MightyMen.Com and poses for a set of sexy nude body builder photos.


Muscle Hunk Body Builder Peter Latz Nude Photos

Muscle guys don’t get any sexier than Pete Latz, one of the countries best known male body builders and nude models and I was fortunate enough to have this hot muscle hunk stop by and pose for a set of muscle shots.  Peter has fucking huge biceps, ripped abs and a set of the beefiest thighs you will ever see.


Sexy, nude and fierce, Peter Latz poses for photos

Yeah, check out this hot fucker’s muscles, his sweaty armpits and that fierce look.  Peter Latz has traveled the world modeling, shooting videos and escorting.  He is one heck of a nice guy, not to mention extremely fun to be around and he puts on a good show.  Being a professional model I think we came up with a great set of photos available now for members to check out.


Body builder Peter Latz close up photo


Sexy Nude Body Builder Peter Latz Holds His cock

Members can check out this hot muscle hunks photo spread and more.  You will love seeing him flexing his muscles and touching his hard cock.

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Naked Black Muscle Hunk Kenny Browns Photos

Thursday, February 26th, 2009 by Jon Royce

Black Muscle Hunk Kenny Brown Black Muscle Hunk Kenny Brown Gets Naked and Poses for Photos.

Super handsome Kenny Brown stopped by my little studio one day when he was in town meeting up with his escorting clients and he posed for a few nude photos.  Many of you guys have been with and met this hot black muscle hunk in person and will appreciate his photos and what it is like to be with this hot “str8″ guy in person.  For those of you who haven’t, let me tell you Kennie is one hot black body builder with handsome good looks and a body that you just want to hold on to for day.

He’s tall, big, built and full of cum.  Probably one of the nicest guys I’ve ever worked with.  Kenny wanted some new photos for his escorting business.  Yes, he is one of those straight guys that travels around the world meeting up with men for over night stays and by the hour.  Expensive but worth every minute of it.  You never get the feeling with Kenny that he is just out for a buck.  He’s very attentive and tastes good too.


Male Stripper Kenny Brown
Nude Male Model and Black Body Builder Escort Kennie Brown

There is nothing hotter than having a big, huge, naked black muscle man running around posing for photos and flexing his muscles.  What made the photo shoot even more fun was Kennie’s personality.  He was very easy to get along with, very nice to look at and even nicer to touch.  His skin is clear and smooth and everything about those body builder oozes sex.  I loved this guys’ thighs.  I’m into big beefy things and Kenny had huge fucking thighs that he could just wrap around your head while forcing his cock down your throat.

Members can check out his bonus photo spread of sexy black muscle man Kennie Brown.

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Black Body Builder Model Brick Nude Photos

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008 by Jon Royce

Black Body Builder Brick Poses Shirtless

Big Muscle Black Body Builder Brick Poses for His First Set of MightyMen.Com Nude Photos.

Brick is so damn fucking hot and I am so glad to have had him come in and pose for a set of muscle shots, underwear, shirtless and nude photos.

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