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Naked Black Muscle Brick

Friday, May 18th, 2012 by Jon Royce

Naked Black Man Alert – Muscle Hunk Brick Jacks His Dick in XXX Video “Eblackulator 2“:

Naked Black Muscle Star Brick Jacks His Dick
Naked Black Muscle Star Brick Jacks His Dick

Black Muscle Star Brick is always entertaining. He is fun, has a crazy, carefree personality and he certainly doesn’t mind getting naked in front of the camera and off camera.  When Brick is your guest for a few days straight, you can be guaranteed on thing (at least one) – he is going to get naked, show off his gorgeous black muscular body and jack off his thick hard cock.  I wanted Brick to come by and meet another male model.  One that would potentially bottom for Brick in an upcoming video.  The meeting was set for a Saturday morning and Brick arrived the night before.  We woke up and Brick was completely naked with a morning boner.  He didn’t get dressed – he just walked around naked.  I knew he was going to jack his dick again (he jacked it the night before while watching TV before going to bed), so I asked him to hold off until the other model arrived.

When the other model showed up, he walked into the room where the stunning black muscle hunk was just hanging out naked.  So I whipped out the video camera and Brick put on a show.  Brick thought he was going to have to win over the new guy, but little did Brick know that the model was impressed at first sight of Brick’s rock hard muscular body.  So Brick jacked off his hard cock while the model watched and he shot a thick white load all over his hand.

Brick got in the shower to get cleaned up and the other model told me he was eager to get fucked by Brick.  We all went to breakfast, came back and shot the fuck scene (to be release later).  In the meantime, watch Brick jack his big black muscle dick in the “Eblackulator 2“.

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Sexy and Naked, Hung and Hard, Lucky and Redmond’s Video

Saturday, December 25th, 2010 by Jon Royce

This past year gave me the opportunity to work with two super hot amateurs in my latest video release:  “Lucky Sucks Black Muscle Stud Redmond” – Lucky Luke Milan and Redmond Fox.  Lucky began shooting photos and videos in 2009 with me and he was quite shy at the time.  In fact, during his first “Jack Off Video Auditions,” he was still claiming to be as straight as they cum.  I sort of gave up on Lucky Luke, but figured he would show up once he got his sexuality straightened out in his head.  I remember in the summer of 2009 taking Lucky to Freddies in Arlington, VA and watching him experience his first gay club.  Anyone that knows Freddies will know that it is a small, neighborhood type of bar and not a super club.  But Lucky seemed to be excited about being around gay men.  A few months later I get an e-mail from Lucky that he had come out of the closet and was now experiencing having sex with men.  Lucky lives in the Great Lakes area of the country, and not near me, so we kept in touch via e-mail and text.

Lucky Luke Milan and Black Muscle Model Redmond Fox
Lucky Luke Milan and Black Muscle Model Redmond Fox

Lucky is a super hot and extremely well hung white guy.  He has those beautiful eyes and has that Calvin Klein model face.  With his tight tall body and super hung cock, he would have made a great underwear model.  Sometime around July, Lucky surprised me with a call and told me he had now taken up male escorting and was in the Washington, D.C. area.  He wanted to sop by and I said “not now, I am working with a new first time male porn model.”  That model happened to be Redmond Fox.  Redmond is an extremely handsome, extremely well built, muscular black stud and part of our “Men of D.C.” male models group.

Nude Black Muscle Star Redmond Fox
Nude Black Muscle Star Redmond Fox

Redmond as many of you are aware is a nude male stripper at Secrets in D.C., and the first guy that I have taken from the club and put into videos.  Normally I am producing events with Secrets and introducing nationally known porn stars to one of the only all nude male strip bars in the country.  But most of those strippers do not want to do porn, in fact, most of them do not want to be photographed.  You would think that a club full of totally naked men would produce a few porn stars, but no.  Redmond, on the other hand, wanted to give it all a try and with a little help from Ricky Sinz and Spencer Reed he stopped by one night to shoot a few test nude photos.

Black Muslce Video with Lucky Milan and Redmond Fox
Black Muslce Video with Lucky Milan and Redmond Fox

It just so happened that Lucky came by at the same time.  I was a little concerned because Lucky had told me months before that he was not “into black guys”.  Well, this may not be politically correct to write about but it is what it is.  I told Lucky that black guys were not any different than white guys.  And you have to remember at this time Lucky had very little experience with men of any color. Lucky came in and took one look at Redmond’s muscular body and I guess he fell in lust.  Lucky asked me if he could get in on the action and I said “no, this is a solo shoot.”  You see, it can be a bad thing to interrupt a model’s first nude shoot.  Usually guys are nervous and uncomfortable.  When I shoot still photos, it gives a new model a chance to loosen up before the video starts to roll.  I thought maybe I would stick Lucky in a few shots to see what Redmond’s reaction would be.  Redmond did not seem to mind and before long the two guys were clearly into each other.  Kissing like they had just met at a gay bar.  Ha!

Soon enough Lucky left the shoot.  Nothing big happened.  No cock sucking, or anything like that.   Once Lucky left it was time to start shooting Redmond’s solo video.  It was great watching this handsome black muscle man stroke his cock until he shot his huge load all over his ripped abs.

Naked stud Lucky Luke Milan sucks Redmond's hard cock
Naked stud Lucky Luke Milan sucks Redmond’s hard cock in new video

Skip forward a little – Redmond is scheduled to shoot his second amateur solo video.  Once again I get a call from Lucky telling me he would like to come by and watch the second shoot.  I said OK, come on by, you can help out.  Well, Lucky stopped by and Redmond was happy to see him.   But I made it clear to Lucky that if he stopped by he would a sign a release, proof of age, etc., and be video’d  and he agreed.  Lucky wanted his first taste of a handsome black man and he got it.  Lucky and Redmond were making out like crazy and Lucky was running his hands all over Redmond’s rock hard muscular body.  Needless to say Lucky had his first taste of a sexy, muscular black man and enjoyed every minute of  it.  Lucky especially liked having Redmond shoot a load of cum all over his chest.  For me it took me back years when I had my first taste of a handsome black man’s cock.  I was hooked.  The video is one of those non-planned, as it happens videos.  Unlike other videos on my site and with other companies, where the guys are teamed up, this video is a real life experience where a newly out of the closet guy experiences his first black man.

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Naked Muscle Men Wanted Male Strippers and Models
Naked Muscle Men Wanted Male Strippers and Nude Models

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Sucking Black Muscle Cock

Sunday, December 12th, 2010 by Jon Royce

Nude Photo Screen Caps from the Upcoming Video:  “Lucky’s First Black Muscle Cock” starring Redmond Fox and Lucky “Luke” Milan.

Lucky Sucks Big Black Muscle Cock

Lucky Sucks His First Black Muscle Cock

Stage hand Lucky Milan showed up on the set while I was shooting Redmond Fox’s photos and video.  Lucky had told me he had never sucked a black muscle guy or any black guy for that matter and wanted to get a taste of Redmond’s hard cock.  I told lucky that I wasn’t running a dating service and that if he wanted to suck on Redmond’s dick that it would be while the cameras were rolling.  They both agreed and Lucky went to town on Redmond’s black cock like his first time on a roller coaster.

It wasn’t long before the two ended up on the bed kissing and making out.  Redmond is quite the lover and experienced gay muscle guy from Washington, D.C.  Lucky has recently come out of the closet and is experiencing all kinds of new homosexual delights.  Nothing could be more delicious than the feel of Redmond’s muscular body and getting to lick his muscular pecs and nipples.  Lucky ran his hands all over Redmond’s biceps and muscular back.  Lucky touched every part of this handsome black man’s spectacular body.

The two went on and on for nearly two hours and I was glad the cameras were rolling.  Still in this day and age we find guys who have never experienced the feel of a handsome, muscular black man and I have to tell you these guys do not know what they are missing.  Lucky wanted to expand his sexual horizons and he was fortunate enough to start out with one of the best.  Redmond Fox.

Thirty new nude photos from the video shoot are now available on the member’s only gallery for viewing.  The full video will be out in a few days.

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Naked Men Strippers Tonight

Friday, August 20th, 2010 by Jon Royce

Muscle Men Get Naked Tonight:  Max Sinclair, Buddy Jones, Dustin Hawthorne and Hot New Muscle Hunk Eddie Strip Nude Tonight in Washington, D.C.

Male Strippers Max Sinclair and Dustin Hawthorne

Male Strippers Max Sinclair and Dustin Hawthorne

Max Sinclair and Dustin Hawthorne will be two of our featured nude male strippers tonight at Secrets in Washington, D.C. 

Nude Muscle Hunk Eddie

Nude Muscle Hunk Eddie is New Male Stripper

I am really loving new muscle model and male stripper Eddie (photo above).  Ummm, he’s handsome, has a nice big fucking dick and is sexy as all fucking get out.  Eddie has those big thick muscular legs, ripped abs, exremely handsome face and nice big fucking biceps.  Eddie’s cock (not photographed here) is nice, big and thick.  His big cock stays hard when he’s dancing nude on stage at the club.  Check out Eddie, Live, Nude and Hard.

Nude Muscle Hunk Buddy Jones

Nude Muscle Hunk Buddy Jones

Buddy Bud Jones, one of our nude male muscle porn models stopped by the other night to show me he has been working out a lot over the past few months and it shows.  Look at his ripped, muscular back.  Buddy will also be stripping nude tonight at Secrets in D.C. and he tells me he and muscle model Redmond Fox will be in the shower box, nude, wet and hard.  So come on out tonight and check out all the MightyMen.Com models live, nude, hard and in person.

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Redmond Fox Gets Naked

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010 by Jon Royce

Naked Muscle Man Redmond FoxJust released and ready for members to view is Redmond Fox’s Audition video.  The popular Washington, D.C. gay socialite now can be seen stroking his dick for the camera in his new Audition video from MightyMen.Com.  As many of you east coast residents know, Redmond is one of the hottest guys in the Washington, D.C. area and we have all seen his muscular worked out body naked at one point or another, but now the rest of the world gets the opportunity to watch this gorgeous man hunk show off his stuff and stroke his cock.

He talked a good game at first, but when it can time to stroke his cock in front of the camera and lights he became a little shy and nervous, but before long his nicely sized cock become hard as a rock and he stroked it off to a nice, creamy climax.

Naked Black Leather Muscle Flexing
Leather Muscle Flexing

Redmond strips three nights a week, goes to school during the day and fucks as many Men of Washington, D.C. as he can in between. He admits to be a top (very rare in this city), and tells me he is 100% gay. No gay4pay dude here. If history repeats itself, you will be seeing a lot more of Redmond over the next year or so. His second video for MightyMen.Com is already in the can and the calls and e-mails from other studios have already started coming in. Check out his Audition video.

Muscle Hunk Redmond Fingers His Ass While Jacking Dick
Muscle Hunk Redmond Fingers His Ass While Jacking Dick

Mr. Fox’s Audition video is now available for viewing in WMV HD format, Flash, and MP4 format for Iphone porn, IPod and IPad for members.  Also available nude photo screen caps from the production.

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Introducing Black Muscle Model Redmond Fox

Saturday, July 3rd, 2010 by Jon Royce

Introducing New Gay Porn Muscle Model Redmond Fox of Washington, D.C.

As reported last month, I was courting a new black muscle hunk to shoot a porn video and with a little coaxing from Spencer Reed and Ricky Sinz one of Washington, D.C.’s finest men takes the porn plunge.

New Gay Porn Muscle Model Redmond Fox

Last night, July 2, 2010, a new gay porn muscle model was born.  His name is Redmond Fox.  Get used to hearing his name and you will be seeing a lot more of this hot new gay porn star in the future.  Redmond is fucking hot and has the body and cock that will turn him into an immediate porn fan favorite.  A 27 y.o. black muscle hunk from Washington, D.C., Redmond spends his time working out at the gym, working at his day job and trying to find as much ass as possible during the nights.  Redmond tells me that he likes tough guys like Marines and other military types but he doesn’t discriminate.

Black Male Body Builder Redmond Rox
Redmond Fox, New Black Muscle Model

Redmond doesn’t mess around when it comes to fucking.  He likes to top and admits bottoming is not his preference and he’s only tried it a few times.  Redmond likes guys of all races and all flavors.  He is not the type of guy to turn down any hot fuck.  He stands about 5′11″ tall, 185 lbs of solid black muscle and he is as handsome as the cum.  Don’t be looking for a “straight guy turned gay” story for this guy – he is all gay.  I asked him if he had ever fucked a girl’s pussy and he said “no way, I am gay all the way”.  Redmond Fox is an ass man, no pussy for this black muscle hunk.

Male Model Checks Out Redmond's Ass
Male Model Lucky Milan Checks Out Redmond’s Muscle Ass

Of course, whenever a new porn star is shooting his first video and photos, everybody and their brother wants to stop by and check him out.  I had tried to keep the shoot quiet to avoid the gay porn star pop-in but that didn’t go as I had planned.  You see, Redmond had sent a text to Max Sinclair that he was shooting his first solo porn video and that started a chain reaction.  Next thing you know MightyMen.Com model Lucky Milan shows up at the door and tells me he has an announcement to make – “I’m gay”.  Well, duh, I could have to him that a year ago when he was shooting his first porn.  Lucky is a very handsome guy from Ohio that has a big fucking dick and he also wanted to check out the new porn model. Although the two guys took a liking to each other, I stuck to the plan and kept Redmond’s first shoot a solo.

Big Muscle Bubble Butt
Redmond’s Big Muscle Bubble Butt

Redmond has one of the finest big muscle bubble butts that I have seen in a long time, but he wants everyone to know that you should not expect to see him bottoming in videos – he is strictly a top.  In fact, he started talking smack about Matthew Rush and how he’d like to fuck Matthew’s hot ass and dethrone Rush as the King of Porn.  Not passing up a gay porn smack down opportunity, I immediately contacted Mr. Rush in Florida and let him know that he was being challenged to a gay porn fuck-off.  Stay tuned for Redmond’s first video and may we will see a Rush/Redmond video in the near future.

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DC Priide 2010 Spencer Reed

Sunday, June 13th, 2010 by Jon Royce

Washington, D.C. Gay Pride 2010 MightyMen.Com Style with Ricky Sinz and Spencer Reed

D.C. Gay Pride 2010 Ricky Sinz and Spencer Reed
Washington, D.C. Gay Pride 2010 with Ricky Sinz and Spencer Reed

Gay Porn Stars Ricky Sinz and Spencer Reed pose along side new porn star hopeful before taking their position in the Washington, D.C. 2010 gay pride parade.   Muscle Hunk Spencer Reed is a Washington, D.C. resident and Ricky Sinz was in town performing at Secrets for our MightyMen.Com Gay Pride Weekend.  There are a lot more photos and some video footage to come in the next week, but for now I wanted to post a photo of some of the damn hottest muscle studs that participated in the parade.  All three of the muscle men above performed live and nude at Secrets on Saturday and Sunday nights.

Look at those big fucking cocks that Ricky and Spencer are sporting.  Yeah, very fucking hot.  Check them out.

D.C. Pride Spencer Reed and Black Muscle Model Redmond
D.C. Pride Spencer Reed, Black Muscle Model Redmond and Latino Hunk Christian

Three of the hottest muscle hunks on the parade route include the yummy muscle hunk and D.C.resident Spencer Reed, black muscle man Redmond and Latino hunk Christian.  Washington, D.C. has some of the hottest men in the world, not to mention a wide variety of flavors.

Pride 2010 Spencer Reed shows off his big muscles
Pride 2010 Spencer Reed shows off his big muscles

Before getting on the Secrets float and taking his position along side Ricky Sinz, Spencer stopped to show off his big hot muscle body.  Yummy, look at those sweaty muscle pecs and that happy trail leading down to his big thick cock.  Yeah, baby.

Spencer Reed Flexing Muscles on D.C. Gay Pride Float
Spencer Reed Flexing Muscles on Secrets’ D.C. Gay Pride Float

Spencer flexes his muscles on the Secrets’ Gay Pride Float along side Christian and really cute boy Paul.  Fucking hot.

Spencer Reed and Ricky Sinz naked and hard at Secrets
Spencer Reed and Ricky Sinz naked and hard at Secrets

Later that evening Spencer Reed and Ricky Sinz perform live, hard and nude while a crowd of about 1,000 look on.  That is Spencer on the left sporting a big hard boner and Ricky on the right.  Ricky’s cock is hard and straight at attention.  One of the audience members tilts his head in the get a closer look at the two big porn stars.  It was a great way to top off gay pride in Washington, D.C. by having two of the biggest porn stars in the business team up and perform.  Below the two muscle hunks share a kiss on stage, just like they would when shooting a porn.  Ricky Sinz and Spencer Reed portion of the gay pride weekend were produced by MightyMen.Com.  I hope you all enjoyed the show and enjoyed seeing the two gay porn stars in the D.C. gay pride parade.

Spencer Reed and Ricky Sinz share a kiss
Spencer Reed and Ricky Sinz share a kiss
Ricky Sinz poses on gay pride truck
Ricky Sinz at D.C. Gay Pride truck parked outside Secrets Nightclub

Ricky Sinz takes a moment to check out one of the big semi trucks that hauled the float in the D.C. Gay Pride parade.  Special thanks to Ricky for making the trip from Chicago to Washington, D.C. and participating in our gay pride weekend.  We hope to see you back real soon.

Special thanks to all the guys on our MightyMen.Com team for their help – Phillip Aubrey, Dustin Hawthorne, Buddy Jones, and all the guys at Secrets for posing for photos.  Special thanks to Spencer Reed for rearranging his porn shooting schedule so that he could be in D.C. for our MightyMen.Com show and for participating in the parade.  Also thank you to Ricky Sinz for taking five days out of his schedule to come to Washington, D.C. and participate in our show and the parade.  Thank you to Kent Taylor at Raging Stallion for providing advance photos of Ricky for our use.

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Matthew Rush Snow Make Up Night

Sunday, March 28th, 2010 by Jon Royce

Porn Super Star Matthew RushYou guys remember we were scheduled to have former Falcon Studios model and now MightyMen.Com male model Matthew Rush at Secrets in D.C. for one of our MightyMen.Com Nights and the week he was supposed to appear was the same week we got about 48 inches of snow and his flight was canceled.  Now, eight weeks later, the trees are starting the bloom, the cherry blossoms are in full swing and the temperatures at hitting the 70s and the crowds in Washington, D.C. are coming out.

Matthew Rush will be appearing this week at Secrets in D.C. for our MightyMen.Com Nights Thursday and Friday the 1st and 2nd of April 2010.  So come on out and see one of hot hottest male models in the business shaking his stuff live and nude.  While in town Matthew Rush will be taping another segment for since the one he shot last October while he was in D.C. for our has been a huge success and has brought a lot of attention to the organization.

Matthew Rush Live and Nude April 1

I hope to see you all out this week and check out Porn Legend Matthew Rush and all the other hot male nude strippers at our MightyMen.Com nights at Secrets in D.C., Thursday and Friday April 1 and 2.  I think some of our favorite strippers will be on hand including Christian, my favorite Nelson, my buddy Max Sinclair and about 15 other hot guys.  Secrets is at 1824 Half Street, S.W. Washington, D.C.

Just Us Boys Logo

MightyMen.Com welcomes JustUsBoys.Com to Washington, D.C. and thanks them for their support in promoting our site and events.  Soon you will be able to pick up JustUsBoys Magazine at Secrets in Washington, D.C.  JustUsBoys is the nation’s largest free gay magazine and is distributed all over the country.  Until now there were very few places you could get the magazine in Washington, D.C., until now.

Matthew Rush in person

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Muscle Porn Stars Matthew Rush, Mitchell Rock, Max Sinclair and Spencer Reed descend on Washington, D.C. POSTPONED

Friday, February 5th, 2010 by Jon Royce


Gay Porn Star Matthew Rush

Our very own MightyMen.Com model Matthew Rush was scheduled to headline an all star line up Friday, February 12, 2010 in Washington, D.C., celebrating the 1st Anniversary of the re-opening of the all nude male strip club Secrets.  Due to the snow storm last week in Washington, D.C. that dropped 25 inches of snow, and the snow storm we are experiencing today, which will drop another 8 to 12 inches, Secrets has decided to postpone Matthew’s appearance until another time.  Matthew lives in sunny Florida and was scheduled to arrive in Washington, D.C. today and appear at the club on Thursday and Friday.  The airports are closed right now and there is no way.  


Gay Porn Male Stripper Max Sinclair

Max Sinclair, Mitchell Rock and Spencer Reed were scheduled to appear and I will keep you up to date over the next few days.  

Gay Porn Muscle Model Mitchell Rock


Male Stripper Spencer Reed



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Matthew Rush Demonstrates How to Put on a Condom for MightyMen and DC Fukit

Saturday, November 14th, 2009 by Jon Royce

 While in Washington, D.C. for our MightyMen.Com 12th Anniversary party, superstar Matthew Rush donated his time and likeness to tape a public service announcement for a local safe sex organization known as, an organization that distributes information on safe sex and distributes condoms and lube to local clubs and gay establishments.  DCfukit operates solely on donations from the community and I hope that you take a minute and visit their site and donate now.

About a week before Matthew Rush arrived in Washington, D.C. for our party at Secrets nightclub, I was chatting with bartender Matt and we were talking about DC Fukit.  I asked Matt if he thought it would be helpful to have Matthew Rush tape a spot for the organization and he thought it would be a great idea.  He contacted the organization’s president right on the spot and I contacted Matthew Rush.  Within a few minutes Rush had responded with an absolute “Yes” and Terry, the president, had told Matt he thought the video would be a great boost for the organization.

Usually these stripper trips are quick and uneventful, but I had built in extra time for Matthew Rush to visit local Washington, D.C. businesses like the Leather Rack in D.C. and Freddies in Arlington, VA, and we still had about 3 hours to fill on Friday afternoon.  Those hours ended up being a perfect time to tape Matthew’s PSA for DCfukit.

Around 2:00 p.m. on Friday, October 23rd, 2009, a camera crew showed up at my place and began shooting the video.  

 The concept of the video was to demonstrate the proper way to put on a condom and demonstrate the most effect way to lube up, fuck and remove the condom.  Baby oil, of course, is not a proper lubricant as it can cause the condom to break while inside your partner’ s butt.  

Now take a look at the video and if you get a moment, please go by and make a donation.  Thank you.

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