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Max Sinclair Muscle Guy

Thursday, August 26th, 2010 by Jon Royce
Hairy Muscle Butt Max Sinclair Shakes His Ass
Hairy Muscle Butt Max Sinclair Shakes His Ass

Hairy butt muscle hunk Max Sinclair shakes his muscle butt during a recent MightyMen.Com party at Secrets in D.C.  For all of our New York viewers and members, come check Max out at Pieces Bar on September 8, 2010 when Max is Will Clark’s guest for porno bingo.  It will be a lot of fun.  More on that soon.

Muscle Guy Max Sinclair Puts a Cherry Up His Hairy Ass
Muscle Guy Max Sinclair Puts a Cherry Up His Hairy Ass
Muscle Guy Max Sinclair Gets His Ass Humped
Muscle Guy Max Sinclair Gets His Ass Humped

Later Max tries to regain his virginity by sticking a bar cherry up his ass, but no sooner does he get his virginity back when bartender Carlos comes along and pops his cherry.  hahahahaha.  Just a little naked boy fun.  And for all those concerned the cherry was thrown away after we took a few photos.  didn’t want anyone to think Carlos put that cherry in anyone’s drink.

Once again this Friday all of you east coast guys are welcome to come out and join us at Secrets, including Max Sinclair, Buddy Jones, Redmond Fox, Carlos the big dick bartender, and all the other hot, naked male strippers.  Next weekend we are shipping Redmond off to California for his first featured porn video with one of the top companies.  We’ll talk about that more once the scene is shot.  Don’t want to jinx the shoot.

I hear that Ricky Sinz will be back in Washington, D.C. soon for another visit.  Before he performed at our party this past June, Ricky had never been to D.C.  He’s become an honorary resident.  Love the Sinz.

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Naked Men Strippers Tonight

Friday, August 20th, 2010 by Jon Royce

Muscle Men Get Naked Tonight:  Max Sinclair, Buddy Jones, Dustin Hawthorne and Hot New Muscle Hunk Eddie Strip Nude Tonight in Washington, D.C.

Male Strippers Max Sinclair and Dustin Hawthorne

Male Strippers Max Sinclair and Dustin Hawthorne

Max Sinclair and Dustin Hawthorne will be two of our featured nude male strippers tonight at Secrets in Washington, D.C. 

Nude Muscle Hunk Eddie

Nude Muscle Hunk Eddie is New Male Stripper

I am really loving new muscle model and male stripper Eddie (photo above).  Ummm, he’s handsome, has a nice big fucking dick and is sexy as all fucking get out.  Eddie has those big thick muscular legs, ripped abs, exremely handsome face and nice big fucking biceps.  Eddie’s cock (not photographed here) is nice, big and thick.  His big cock stays hard when he’s dancing nude on stage at the club.  Check out Eddie, Live, Nude and Hard.

Nude Muscle Hunk Buddy Jones

Nude Muscle Hunk Buddy Jones

Buddy Bud Jones, one of our nude male muscle porn models stopped by the other night to show me he has been working out a lot over the past few months and it shows.  Look at his ripped, muscular back.  Buddy will also be stripping nude tonight at Secrets in D.C. and he tells me he and muscle model Redmond Fox will be in the shower box, nude, wet and hard.  So come on out tonight and check out all the MightyMen.Com models live, nude, hard and in person.

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Ricky Sinz Gay Pride D.C.

Friday, June 11th, 2010 by Jon Royce

Ricky Sinz is in Washington, D.C. for Gay Pride Weekend.

Ricky Sinz live and nude

Superstar Ricky Sinz will be appearing Live and Nude at Secrets in D.C. this weekend, along side 20 other male strippers, including porn superstar Spencer Reed, Buddy Jones (above left) and Dustin Hawthorne (above center).  Ricky willl appear Friday, Saturday and Sunday June 11-13, 2010.  Spencer Reed will be appearing Saturday and Sunday nights.

I hope to see many of our regulars out and about this weekend during the parade on Saturday.  Friday night at Secrets is the official Capital Pride “Sweat” party, featuring porn star Ricky Sinz live and nude.  Saturday after the parade Spencer Reed will join us at Secrets for a live and nude performance.  Our own porn star Buddy Jones will also be appearing this Saturday and Sunday.

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Saturday, May 15th, 2010 by Jon Royce

Secrets Nude Male Strip Bar in Washington, D.C. Auditions MightyMen.Com Model Buddy Jones.

As I mentioned to you last week our own MightyMen.Com Male Model Buddy Jones would be auditioning at Secrets all nude male strip bar in Washington, D.C.  I took him into the club Friday night for a second interview with the club owners and dancer manager and we ended up putting Buddy on the spot.  At first he was a bit nervous to strip completely naked in front of a couple hundred men, but before long he was shaking his naked ass in front of the crowds.

Nude Male Stripper Buddy Jones
Nude Male Stripper Buddy Jones Auditions at Secrets Male Stripper Club in Washington, D.C.

Male Stripper Buddy Gets a Bear Hug
Male Stripper Buddy Jones gets a bear huge from Bear the Bartender

Bear the Bartender was quite impressed with the potentially new Secrets stripper.  Buddy and the Bear became buddies on the spot.  Stay tuned for more from and Secrets, including our Memorial Day Weekend and Gay Pride Events.  I think it would be great to see these two guys in a porn video.  Buddy the college jock and Bear – well, the big daddy bear.

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Naked Hunk Steton

Saturday, May 8th, 2010 by Jon Royce

Washington, D.C., MightyMen.Com and Secrets Bid Farewell to Local Naked Hunk Steton and Says Hello to Bud Jones.

Nude Muscle Hunk and Male Stripper Steton and Secrets bid farewell to muscle hunk Steton

Muscle Hunk and Nude Male Stripper Steton will make his last appearance tonight at Secrets all nude male strip bar in Washington, D.C. as Steton prepares to take the next step in his young life and move to Los Angeles, CA.  For the past year or so Steton has become a local celebrity and one of the most popular nude male strippers at the world famous night club Secrets in S.W. Washington, D.C.  Steton always draws crowds around him each night he appears at the club.  It’s not hard to find which bar or box Steton is located on throughout any evening at Secrets because he always draws a huge crowd.  He is one of the hottest guys on the strip scene today and also one of the nicest.  We wish our good buddy the best and thank him for giving our city something to look at the past year.

Nude Male Strippers Buddy Jones, Max Sinclair and Steton
Nude Male Strippers Buddy Jones, Max Sinclair and Steton

Steton will leave a void in our local pool of male strippers which include porn stars Max Sinclair, Spencer Reed, and Phillip Aubrey.  Last night I brought MightyMen.Com model Buddy Jones to Secrets to introduce him to the club management, other strippers and let the club’s crowd get a look at him.  He was immediately recognized by club patrons and before long he had his shirt off and could be seen talking to the hundreds of patrons and just having a good time on the dance floor.

As you all are aware Buddy Jones appeared in our MightyMen.Com video Straight Buddies Jack 2 and got his start in gay for pay modeling when he appeared in a “Guys Gone Wild” video.  Buddy just turned 23 y.o., in fact, today is his birthday and we celebrated last night at Secrets.  Buddy is hot.  He’s got a great toned jock boy body and a nice big floppy dick that the crowds at Secrets will love.  The internet fans have loved his performances and Buddy is one of the few models that can shoot huge loads in every video.  Buddy has a lot of energy and a great personality and I hope to see him make his debut as the latest nude male stripper at Secrets.

At 4:00 a.m. Max Sinclair treated Buddy Jones, his roommate, Steton and myself to a farewell breakfast at Annie’s Steakhouse in Dupont Circle where we wished our friend Steton the best and celebrated Buddy’s birthday. Thank you Max for your generosity.

To all of my friends in Los Angeles, CA, keep an eye out for Steton.

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Gym Boy Shower

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010 by Jon Royce

Ever since my neighbor Buddy “Big Dick” Jones has gotten into the gay porn industry, he stops by every once in a while to show me the progress he has been making with his gym boy body and I have to say he’s looking mighty fine.  Buddy “Fire Hose” Jones first stopped by sometime last summer for a test shoot and early this year I paired him up with Jack Stone in “Straight Buddies Jack 2” and each time he comes by he is looking better and better.  He’s putting on some muscle pounds and getting more defined.  He’s only 22 y.o. and has that college jock, carefree attitude going on and apparently he’s developed quite an internet following.  Tonight he stops by and wanted to take a shower because he and a friend of his were going out and didn’t have time to run home before hitting the Washington, D.C. club scene.  A bit odd for a Tuesday night, but what the heck.  When you’re 22, handsome and hung, it really doesn’t make a difference what night it is.


Buddy Jones takes off shirt

Buddy Jones shows off his naked muscle ass

I told Buddy that he could use my shower but I wanted to shoot a few photos of him for my site members.  Gym boys showering and scrubbing their dicks and pubes always make for a nice set of photos.  I’ve received e-mail about Buddy “Hard Cock” Jones and plan to shoot another video with him soon.  He brought his roommate along and told me he and his roommate would do a jack off video and maybe he’d fuck a guy.  I asked his roommate if he has ever seen Buddy stroke his dick off and his roommate told me “all the time”.  He said Buddy “Cum Gusher” Jones has no problem pulling his dick out at home and stroking it off in the middle of the afternoon, and sometimes the roommate joins in.  Pretty damn hot and sexy for a couple of good looking straight guy roommates.

Buddy has become so comfortable with being completely naked in front of other guys and the cameras that he may just start stripping totally nude several nights a week at Secrets in D.C.  I figured what the fuck, this guy is hot and I know the crowds at Washington, D.C.’s most popular stripper bar are going to love him.  He has everything going for him.  That college jock / guy next door good looks, a hot body, nice fucking ass and a big thick semi-uncut hairy dick.  Buddy is a lot of fun, too, with a great smile and a nice personality.  Just the type of straight guy turned gay porn star you would want to see in an all nude male bar.  I will keep you up to date.

The full photo set will be up on the site soon.  For now enjoy the photos above.

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Hairy Chest Muscle Hunk Cums

Friday, April 23rd, 2010 by Jon Royce

Hairy Chest Muscle Hunk Jack Stone Shoots His Load in Straight Buddies Jack 2.2

Hairy Chest Muscle Hunk Jack Stone and Buddy JonesJack Stone used to be my neighbor.  He moved recently from Washington, D.C. to San Diego, CA to finish his college education and he stopped by for one more video before taking the flight out west.  He teams up this time with Buddy Jones, another straight college guy from the Washington, D.C. area and the two hit it off quite well on the set of the moving “Straight Buddies Jack 2.2“, parts 1 and 2.  In the first part of the video we have Bud Jones shooting his load and part 2 begins with Jack shooting a nice pasty white load all over his pubes.

Before shooting the video I had the guy pose shirtless and nude for a photo spread, something I do for several reasons.  First I want a set of promotional photos.  A set of photos that features the guys not playing with their dicks.  These photos give my members and viewers a better look at the model.  Jack and Buddy had a lot of fun shooting their spread and I think the photos turned out nice.  Second reason I shoot these photo spreads is the give the guys a few minutes to get used to seeing each other completely naked before we start shooting the video.  It makes the video shoot go a lot easier for me and for the guys.  Once we start shooting the video they’ve already seen each others naked bodies and hard dicks and any uncomfortable feelings are gone.

One it was time to shoot the video Jack and Bud were ready to go.  As mentioned before, part 2 starts out with Jack shooting his load.  I love to watch him cum.  He gets into it and he’s not afraid to stroke that cock and ejaculate with other guys around.  Jack is one of my favorite performers and I think he is extremely handsome.  Jack has a different look than any of the other guys on the site.  Sort of a bear cub / college jock look combined.  Nice hairy muscular chest and he lets the hair grow.  Very hot.

Once Buddy sees Jack shoot his load Buddy decides he got to shoot one more time and begins stroking that big college jock dick one more time before shooting his second load all the way up over his shoulder and onto the back of the cough.  Have a great time watching these two hotties do their thing.

Available in WMV HD and in MP4 format for IPod, IPad and IPhone users, along with Flash version for logged in members.

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College Jocks Bud Jones and Jack Stone Get Naked and Stroke Their Cocks In Str8 Buddies Jack 2

Sunday, February 21st, 2010 by Jon Royce

Jack Stone is back to perform in his second MightyMen.Com video, a follow-up to his 2008 video Straight Buddies Jack starring Sean Steel, Don Snow and Jack Stone.  Jack is a 24 y.o. local Washington, D.C. college guy who began shoot porn a few years ago.  He’s straight as they cum and has been a favorite on our site and I wanted to get him back.


College Jock Str8 Stud Jack Stone, Hairy Chest Hunk

Jack is handsome, about 5′10″ tall and has that college jock football player look.

Str8 Buddies Jack Their Dicks

Straight Buddies Jack 2 begins with Jack Stone kicking back and enjoying a porn.  Jack is pleasuring himself when his buddy Bud Jones walks in and catches him stroking his cock.  Bud decides everything is cool and get into the action.

Straight Guy Bud Jones

Bud Jones is a 22 y.o. str8 college guy that decided to give porn a try and he stopped by my Washington, D.C. studio to audition and I decided to team him up with Jack Stone.  Bud is not the most handsome buy in the world, but there is something about him that is extremely sexy.

Straight Buddies Jack and Bud jerk off their dicks

Now available for members is the first part of a two part video shoot available in WMV HD, Flash HD and MP4 for slower connections and IPod/IPhone/mobile downloads.  Also available are screen caps from the video shoot and the warm up studio shots. You can also check out their Nude Photo Spread. I had the two guys shoot a set of photos before starting to shoot the video.  Frequently I will shoot the photos for several reasons:  (1) to give my viewers a better look at the professional, semi-professional or amateur male models I work with; (2) it gives the guys a little time to get used to seeing each other naked and being around each other before we start to shoot the video; and (3) I use the shots for publicity – to send out to other blog sites.  Jack Stone is a hot hairy chest hunk and I did not get a chance to shoot many photos of him when he was here in 2008, so I wanted to get a few shots of him.

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Jacking Dicks with Jack Stone and Buddy “Bud” Jones in Straight Buddies Jack 2

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009 by Jon Royce

We just wrapped up shooting our last video of 2009 entitles “Straight Buddies Jack 2″ starring Jack Stone and new cummer Buddy “Bud” Jones, two straight guy models based in Washington, D.C.  Tonight was Jack’s second video taping.  Previously he worked with Sean Steel and Don Snow in Straight Buddies Jack, one of our most popular videos to date.

Jacking Dicks in Straight Buddies Jack 2
Buddy “Bud” Jones and Jack Stone Jacking their Dicks in Straight Buddies Jack 2

Buddy “Bud” Jones is a 22 y.o. college jock from the Washington, D.C. area and he strokes his big jack cock with buddy Jack for the first time on camera.  Bud took to the camera like a fish to water and he shot two huge streams of jizz all over his stomach.  Members are going to love this new addition to the site.

College Jock Bud Jones flexes his muscles
Bud Jones, New cummer male porn model and college jock

Bud has a nice 8″ straight cock and tones athletic body.  Bud loves jacking his dick when he’s got extra time throughout the day and he tells me he usually jacks off about three to four loads a day.  When not jacking his big dick, Bud can be found working out his body at the gym, cruising and fucking as many girls as he can, and just hanging out with his friends.  Let’s not forget to mention this WDC area college jock attends school, too.  After all, Bud has to keep himself healthy and in good shape to be able to handle all those girls and shoot those loads of cum. I was totally surprised when Bud shot his second load within the hour and it shot all the way over his shoulder and onto the sofa.

Jack stone and Buddy Bud Jones posing Nude

Watch for Buddy and Jack in the upcoming video “Straight Buddies Jack 2″ coming February 2010 to MightyMen.Com.

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New Potential Porn Mode, Bud Jones, 22 y.o. college jock

Saturday, September 12th, 2009 by Jon Royce

Here we have another new potential model named Bud Jones, a 21 year old college jock.  He stands about 5′11′ tall, works out that tight body and has a nice 7 1/2 inch boner.  I am thinking about putting Bud in a video and featuring him on the site. 


college jock bud Jones strips off his clothes
Naked Jock Bud Jones shows off his big dick
Jock Bud Jones gets naked and shows his big dick

Let me know what you think.  I’m looking forward to seeing this young stud shoot his load.  He’s been bragging about it and I want to see it in action and get it on video for members.  hahahah.  Let me know what you think.  Jon


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