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Big Brother Has Big Cock

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 by Jon Royce

Big Brother’s Steven Daigle Appears Live and Nude on MightyMen.Com Night at Secrets in D.C. Friday December 10, 2010.

Come on and check out gay cowboy rodeo champion and house guest from the smash summer hit CBS TV reality series Big Brother.  Steven Daigle may have been voted out off Big Brother 10 but we’ll welcome him and his big cock with open arms (fill in the blank) when he makes his FIRST live and nude Washington, D.C. appearance.

About a year ago Steven Daigle thought he would be losing his day job and decided to take Chi Chi LaRue up on the offer to appear in gay porn videos and we are sure glad he did.  Steven didn’t get much of a chance in the Big Brother house, but he’s been steaming up PC screens and DVDs for the past year.  Steven has appeared in videos for C1R.Com, Men at Play and other major companies.

Big Brother Star Steven Daigle's Big Cock
Reality TV Star Turns Porn Star Steven Daigle

Steven was selected for Big Brother in 2008 as one of 13 house guests – you all have seen the show so there is no need to explain the premise.  Steven was selected by producers after being approached to apply for the CBS hit summer series.  Daigle was an accomplished Texas gay rodeo champion and Big Brother producers felt he’d be a perfect as one of the house guest for the most provocative season in the series history.  Other that appeared in season 10 were Renny, Jerry, Libra, Keesha and who can forget body builder Jessie Godderz.

Unfortunately Steven didn’t last long in the Big Brother house that season, he was voted out the second week under HOH Jessie Godderz.  I remember watching and feeling kind of bad that the only gay guy that season lost his chance at winning the grand prize and thought that would be the end of Steven’s 15 minutes of fame.  Chi Chi LaRue, a huge fan of the CBS series, showed up at one of the wrap parties and let Steven know if he ever wanted to get into porn to give a call.  Nearly a year later Steven placed that call and his life has changed dramatically.

So come on out and say hello to Steven, get your photo with the cowboy and have some fun.   Hopefully I will see you out at my big birthday bash on December 10 at Secrets in D.C.

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