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Big Muscle Daddy Spencer Reed

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011 by Jon Royce

Big Muscle Daddy Spencer Reed Photos from MightyMen.Com Night in D.C.

Muscle Daddy Spencer Reed Smoking a Cigar
Muscle Daddy Spencer Reed Smoking a Cigar

We had a blast last Saturday night when our Men of D.C. buddy Spencer Reed appeared Live and Nude at our MightyMen.Com Night at Secrets in D.C. Some of Washington, D.C.’s finest men came out to see Spencer and watch him flex his muscles to a packed house. He is looking good. Better than ever. He signed autographs, took photos with his fans and had the crowd participate in his show. Overall, a great night, a great crowd and a very hot and muscular star of the evening – Spencer Reed. It was nice to have him back in D.C. for a few days and hopefully he will return soon.

Spencer Reed Flexing his Muscles Live and Nude
Spencer Reed Flexing his Muscles Live and Nude
Spencer Reed kissing on Nude Male Stripper Matt
Spencer Reed kissing on Nude Male Stripper Matt
Spencer Reed signing a fan's bare butt
Spencer Reed signing a fan’s bare butt
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Gay Asian Muscle Hunk Set To Top

Saturday, May 14th, 2011 by Jon Royce

Men of D.C. Gay Asian Muscle Hunk to Top in Video.

Our very own Men of Washington, D.C. gay porn star Jessie Lee is set to top in his second porn video this week.  If all goes well Jessie will be topping Latino beef cake Draven Torres who recently starred in “Brutal” from Raging Stallion.

Gay Asian Muscle Hunk Jessie Lee
Gay Asian Muscle Hunk Jessie Lee

Jessie’s first video, a “Naked Men of D.C.” solo audition effort has been a huge success on our site and he’s garnered international attention from fans and reviewers alike.  It’s rare in the gay porn world to fine male Asian nude models, especially when they are extremely good looking and muscular like Jessie.  He wants to start his hard core gay fucking career by topping in his first few videos.  I call Jessie a “gay porn activist” as he wants to show the world that hot Asian guys can be powerful tops.  If all goes well this week our hot Asian stud will get his chance to stick his nicely hung hard cock into Draven’s tight ass. It’s been a challenge to find a guy to bottom for our hot muscle stud and many porn models decline when asked to work with an Asian model.  Torres stepped right up to the challenge even without seeing Jessie’s photos.  Once he got a look at Jessie, he was even more encouraged.

Naked Hunk Jessie Lee Shows Off Bubble Butt and Beefy Legs
Naked Hunk Jessie Lee Shows Off Bubble Butt and Beefy Legs

I think Draven Torres will enjoy bottoming for Jessie and I am looking forward to the match up between the two. Guys in the Washington, D.C. area will have the opportunity to see the shirtless muscle guys live, nude and in person this coming Friday, the 20th of May, when the two male strippers appear live and nude at our MightyMen.Com night party at Secrets in D.C.

Hung Cock Asian Muscle Jock Jessie Lee Poses Naked
Hung Cock Asian Muscle Jock Jessie Lee Poses Naked

Hopefully by this time next week Jessie and Draven’s video will be in the can and fans would have had the chance to see them perform live and nude at our Washington, D.C. all nude male strip bar, and by this time next week we will all be enjoying brunch at Freddies on 23rd Street in Arlington, Va.  In the meantime, feel free to post a comment about you thoughts on Jessie Lee, Asian guys in porn and whatever else you like.  If you’d like to be one of our MightyMen.Com Male Porn Models, click on the banner below and apply.  We are looking for amatuer guys between 20 and 30 years old, muscular, all races and not afraid to show it off in front of the world.

Naked Muscle Men Wanted Male Strippers and Models
Naked Muscle Men Wanted Male Strippers and Nude Models
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Adam Killian, Colby Keller, Nude and Hard

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011 by Jon Royce
Male Stripper Adam Killian Live, Nude and Hard
Male Stripper Adam Killian Live, Nude and Hard

Superstar Adam Killian performed live, nude and hard at our MightyMen.Com Night this past weekend in Washington, D.C. and on hand was our new amateur porn star Chase Hawkins.  As you might remember from a previous post, Chase submitted his new gay porn model application and his cell phone photos were posted in this gay porn blog.  Chase comes to us from the Chicago, Illinois area of the country and a former resident of Quantico, Virginia.

Shirtless Hunks and Gay Porn Stars Chase Hawkins and Adam Killian
Shirtless Hunks and Gay Porn Stars Chase Hawkins and Adam Killian

Chase is 6′1″ tall, 25 y.o., wild and crazy and he’s got a nice, big thick dick that fans are going to love.  This tall, blond hunk also has a deep, sexy voice and he is very outgoing.

Big Cock Amateur Porn Star Chase Hawkins
Big Cock Amateur Porn Star Chase Hawkins

Before his wild night out on the town, Chase had spent the previous 24 hours shooting nude photos and performing his first ever gay porn video with handsome superstar and Men of D.C. male model Colby Keller.  Chase admitted to being a little intimidated being paired up with such a well-known porn model for his first video, but the two guys hit it off and got right to work.

Chase Hawkins Sucks Colby Keller's Big Cock in Will Fuck For Food
Chase Hawkins Sucks Colby Keller’s Big Cock in Will Fuck For Food

Colby Keller is one of the busiest studs in the porn industry today and he is in demand.  He started his career nearly a decade ago and he’s still going strong.  In fact, one could say the tall east coast hunk is at the top of his game having just complete videos for Falcon Studios, Raging Stallion and others.

Shirtless Hunks Colby Keller and Chase Hawkin
Shirtless Hunks Colby Keller and Chase Hawkin

Chase and Colby were a lot of fun to work with and I thought they made a great pairing.  I am looking forward to getting their video edited and out within the next few weeks for everyone to enjoy.  The two hot hunks really went at it.  Chase claimed he was the top but once the shooting started he gave up his hot ass for Colby’s big hard cock.  Watching these two hot hunks suck each others cocks and fuck was hot and I think they were a great on screen pair.  When I watched the play back of the shoot, I couldn’t believe the amount of cum these guys shoot.  Especially Colby.  He shot this huge, thick white load all over Chase’s cock and balls.  Chase used Colby’s cum to jack off his big cock and shoot his own load all over his stomach and chest.

Use the voting buttons below to rate Colby and Chase, or leave a comment – what do you think about the pairing of Colby and Chase?

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Naked Muscle Men Wanted Male Strippers and Models
Naked Muscle Men Wanted Male Strippers and Nude Models
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Asian Muscle Gym Boy

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010 by Jon Royce

New Potential Male Model Jessie Lee – Asian Muscle Gym Boy

Discovering new male porn models is a lot of fun and once in a while someone different comes along.  About two months ago I ran into this hot Asian guy at a club in Washington, D.C.  He was shirtless and hanging out with a group of friends.  I wanted to approach him and figured it would take a few drinks before I had enough nerve to go up to him and chat.  So I got a couple of drinks and went for it.  I introduced myself and to my surprise he knew who I am and that helped.  I told him that I thought he was just incredible and loved his shirtless body and asked him about posing nude for photos and trying out for porn.  At first he wasn’t too receptive and we went our separate ways.

Asian Muscle Boy Jessie Lee
Asian Muscle Gym Boy Jessie Lee

Judging by the photo above you can already tell that I eventually got him to agree to pose for nude photos.  What I really liked about Jessie was his smooth, toned, gym boy body and his exception good looks.  I ran into him later at the bar and gave him my phone number and e-mail  Also by this time everyone was leaving and I had one last question for him – how big is your cock and would he show it to me.  I asked, he hesitated but then he open up his jeans and showed me a soft but nicely plump dick.  His pubes were shaved, too.  A bit of a turn off for me.

Asian Muscle Boy Jessie Lee
Asian Muscle Boy with Dick Showing through Underwear

Jessie told me he’d give me a call and weeks went by without hearing from him.  Then one day I get this e-mail and it took a minute to figure out the e-mail was coming from this hot Asian gym boy I had met earlier in the summer.  I asked him what took so long for him to contact me and he told me that he was letting his pubes grow out for our test shoot.

Asian Muscle with Big Hard Cock
Asian Muscle guy posing nude with Big Hard Cock

We immediately set up a time for him to come by for a few quick nude test shoot photos, something that I could post here on the blog and get user input.  It is not often that I or any other photographer get to work with hot Asian guys.  I am often asked why and the answer is always the same.  Not many Asian guys apply to be naked in photos or apply to be male porn models.  So I am doubly excited to have this cute guy with a nice gym body and an exceptionally long cock come to MightyMen.Com and apply.

HOT OR NOT?:  Please use the star rating below and let me know what you think about new potential porn model Jessie Lee. (10 is HOT)

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Male Strippers 100605

Saturday, June 5th, 2010 by Jon Royce

Latino Studs, Nude Male Strippers pose for photos during MightyMen.Com Night at Secrets in D.C.

Thank you all for coming out Friday night for another hot MightyMen.Com night at Secrets in Washington, D.C. and in particular thank you to my ultra hot Latino hunks Christian, Nelson and Samuel for taking time to pose for a few photos after the bar closed.

Nude Male Strippers Nelson and Christian

Two of my favorite Latino hunks and nude male strippers Nelson (left) and Christian (right) pose for a few shots after a six hour stint of stripping comletely nude.  These two guys have nice big thick dicks and that is just the way I like my guys.  Hot, Latino, handsome, hard body and hung.  Nelson is one of my favorites.  He is so damn yummy and I love looking at his muscular, shirtless body in this photo.  After I shot the pic, he said to me “At least you have something to go home and jerk off to.”  Well, he is right.  I will be thinking about Nelson and his big thick cock when I got to bed in a few minutes. 

Next weekend is gay pride in Washington, D.C.. aka Capital Pride and we have Spencer Reed and Raging Stallion exclusive Rick Sinz Live and Nude, appearing Friday, Saturday and Sunday, June 11-13.  So come on out and see all the local D.C. male strippers and all the MightyMen.Com hunks.

Nude Male Strippers and Latino Hunks
Nude Male Stripper Samuel (l); my fantasy boyfriend Nelson (c) and Christian (r) – three hot shirtless Latino hunks pose for photos. 

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Saturday, May 15th, 2010 by Jon Royce

Secrets Nude Male Strip Bar in Washington, D.C. Auditions MightyMen.Com Model Buddy Jones.

As I mentioned to you last week our own MightyMen.Com Male Model Buddy Jones would be auditioning at Secrets all nude male strip bar in Washington, D.C.  I took him into the club Friday night for a second interview with the club owners and dancer manager and we ended up putting Buddy on the spot.  At first he was a bit nervous to strip completely naked in front of a couple hundred men, but before long he was shaking his naked ass in front of the crowds.

Nude Male Stripper Buddy Jones
Nude Male Stripper Buddy Jones Auditions at Secrets Male Stripper Club in Washington, D.C.

Male Stripper Buddy Gets a Bear Hug
Male Stripper Buddy Jones gets a bear huge from Bear the Bartender

Bear the Bartender was quite impressed with the potentially new Secrets stripper.  Buddy and the Bear became buddies on the spot.  Stay tuned for more from and Secrets, including our Memorial Day Weekend and Gay Pride Events.  I think it would be great to see these two guys in a porn video.  Buddy the college jock and Bear – well, the big daddy bear.

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Naked Hunk Steton

Saturday, May 8th, 2010 by Jon Royce

Washington, D.C., MightyMen.Com and Secrets Bid Farewell to Local Naked Hunk Steton and Says Hello to Bud Jones.

Nude Muscle Hunk and Male Stripper Steton and Secrets bid farewell to muscle hunk Steton

Muscle Hunk and Nude Male Stripper Steton will make his last appearance tonight at Secrets all nude male strip bar in Washington, D.C. as Steton prepares to take the next step in his young life and move to Los Angeles, CA.  For the past year or so Steton has become a local celebrity and one of the most popular nude male strippers at the world famous night club Secrets in S.W. Washington, D.C.  Steton always draws crowds around him each night he appears at the club.  It’s not hard to find which bar or box Steton is located on throughout any evening at Secrets because he always draws a huge crowd.  He is one of the hottest guys on the strip scene today and also one of the nicest.  We wish our good buddy the best and thank him for giving our city something to look at the past year.

Nude Male Strippers Buddy Jones, Max Sinclair and Steton
Nude Male Strippers Buddy Jones, Max Sinclair and Steton

Steton will leave a void in our local pool of male strippers which include porn stars Max Sinclair, Spencer Reed, and Phillip Aubrey.  Last night I brought MightyMen.Com model Buddy Jones to Secrets to introduce him to the club management, other strippers and let the club’s crowd get a look at him.  He was immediately recognized by club patrons and before long he had his shirt off and could be seen talking to the hundreds of patrons and just having a good time on the dance floor.

As you all are aware Buddy Jones appeared in our MightyMen.Com video Straight Buddies Jack 2 and got his start in gay for pay modeling when he appeared in a “Guys Gone Wild” video.  Buddy just turned 23 y.o., in fact, today is his birthday and we celebrated last night at Secrets.  Buddy is hot.  He’s got a great toned jock boy body and a nice big floppy dick that the crowds at Secrets will love.  The internet fans have loved his performances and Buddy is one of the few models that can shoot huge loads in every video.  Buddy has a lot of energy and a great personality and I hope to see him make his debut as the latest nude male stripper at Secrets.

At 4:00 a.m. Max Sinclair treated Buddy Jones, his roommate, Steton and myself to a farewell breakfast at Annie’s Steakhouse in Dupont Circle where we wished our friend Steton the best and celebrated Buddy’s birthday. Thank you Max for your generosity.

To all of my friends in Los Angeles, CA, keep an eye out for Steton.

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Gym Boy Shower

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010 by Jon Royce

Ever since my neighbor Buddy “Big Dick” Jones has gotten into the gay porn industry, he stops by every once in a while to show me the progress he has been making with his gym boy body and I have to say he’s looking mighty fine.  Buddy “Fire Hose” Jones first stopped by sometime last summer for a test shoot and early this year I paired him up with Jack Stone in “Straight Buddies Jack 2” and each time he comes by he is looking better and better.  He’s putting on some muscle pounds and getting more defined.  He’s only 22 y.o. and has that college jock, carefree attitude going on and apparently he’s developed quite an internet following.  Tonight he stops by and wanted to take a shower because he and a friend of his were going out and didn’t have time to run home before hitting the Washington, D.C. club scene.  A bit odd for a Tuesday night, but what the heck.  When you’re 22, handsome and hung, it really doesn’t make a difference what night it is.


Buddy Jones takes off shirt

Buddy Jones shows off his naked muscle ass

I told Buddy that he could use my shower but I wanted to shoot a few photos of him for my site members.  Gym boys showering and scrubbing their dicks and pubes always make for a nice set of photos.  I’ve received e-mail about Buddy “Hard Cock” Jones and plan to shoot another video with him soon.  He brought his roommate along and told me he and his roommate would do a jack off video and maybe he’d fuck a guy.  I asked his roommate if he has ever seen Buddy stroke his dick off and his roommate told me “all the time”.  He said Buddy “Cum Gusher” Jones has no problem pulling his dick out at home and stroking it off in the middle of the afternoon, and sometimes the roommate joins in.  Pretty damn hot and sexy for a couple of good looking straight guy roommates.

Buddy has become so comfortable with being completely naked in front of other guys and the cameras that he may just start stripping totally nude several nights a week at Secrets in D.C.  I figured what the fuck, this guy is hot and I know the crowds at Washington, D.C.’s most popular stripper bar are going to love him.  He has everything going for him.  That college jock / guy next door good looks, a hot body, nice fucking ass and a big thick semi-uncut hairy dick.  Buddy is a lot of fun, too, with a great smile and a nice personality.  Just the type of straight guy turned gay porn star you would want to see in an all nude male bar.  I will keep you up to date.

The full photo set will be up on the site soon.  For now enjoy the photos above.

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Sean Steel Blow Job

Saturday, May 1st, 2010 by Jon Royce

Behind the Scenes with Sean Steel, Evan Marks and Rod Decker’s Blow Job Video.

It was quite an experience shooting Sean Steel’s latest release – a porn video featuring muscle hunk and body builder Sean Steel – a straight guy who had never had any gay contact with another guy.  In this latest production, Sean gives up his big muscle cock to two cock hungry gay guys Evan Marks and Rod Decker.  Just like any other respectable amateur gay porn boys from Washington, D.C., Evan and Rod were eager to get a taste of Sean’s big dick.  They had both seen his videos on my site and jumped at the chance when I asked them to do a scene with him.  Sean wasn’t sure if he wanted to get his cock sucked by guys but eventually decided to give it a try.

Body Builder Sean Steel, Shirtless
Shirtless Body Builder Sean Steel Heckles Evan Marks and Rod Decker during a behind the scenes moment on the set of his latest video.

Steel was nervous at first. It took him hours to loosen up.  Imagine your first time jumping out of an airplane.  Sean backed out of the video and left the shoot twice before letting the two guys get him naked and suck his cock.  But once he warmed up, Sean became his usual friendly and personable self.  Take a look at some of these behind the scenes moments and enjoy the full video.  The video is HOT HOT HOT.

Not only is Sean one of the hottest guys to look at and work with, he is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever had on the site.  He is big and has a massive muscular body.  Not to mention he is extremely good looking.  A huge muscle hunk that catches everyone’s eye whenever we go out to eat or go out for drinks.  In the past he’s been concerned about his girlfriends seeing his video work, but that hasn’t stopped him from pulling out his gorgeous dick and jacking it off for the cameras.  He’s been offered a lot of money by other porn producers to work with them and get into fucking guys, but Sean has stayed clear of those offers.  I am glad to have had him on my site exclusively for the past half-decade and hope to see more of him in the future.  He is, after all, as Straight as they Cum.

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Click Here to See the full video Muscle Boy Cocks.  New Members, Click Here to Join.

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Nude Male Strippers Rusty Stevens

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010 by Jon Royce

Nude Male Strippers Rusty Stevens, Max Sinclair, Nelson and Other Hot Guys at MightyMen.Com Night at Secrets in D.C.

Male Strippers Rusty Stevens and Max Sinclair

Male Strippers and MightyMen.Com models Rusty Stevens and Max Sinclair perform at Secrets in D.C.

Spencer Reed was out of town shooting a new video with Hot House this weekend and he was greatly missed at MightyMen.Com night at Secrets this past Friday.  MightyMen.Com model and male stripper Rusty Stevens flew up from Florida and paid us a visit.   Rusty wasn’t the only one visiting from Florida, cute hot Latino hunk Alex spent a few days stripping down to nothing at Secrets, too. 

Nude Male Stripper Alex at Secrets in D.C.

Male Stripper Alex was visiting from Florida and stripped at Secrets this past weekend.

Male Strippers Rusty Stevens and Nelson

Male Strippers Rusty Stevens and Secrets stripper Nelson.

Nelson is one of my favorite strippers at the club.  He is so damn good looking and he’s got a nice big thick cock that he shows off every weekend.  Rusty is looking like he’s been working out and is quite a bit bigger and hunkier than he was when he shot the MightyMen.Com video Leo Giamani fucks Rusty Stevens back in 2008.  Hopefully we will see more of Rusty in the near future and I know I will be back at Secrets soon to get another good look at Nelson’s big dick.

Male Stripper Steton in underwear
Male Stripper Steton takes a break in his white underwear and shows off his earnings and big cock.

Hot Muscle Guy D.C. and LaToya
Hot muscle guy D.J. (not a stripper but he took his clothes off) and LaToya

Club Owner Steve with male stripper Rick
Secrets Club owner Steve (in the center) poses with male stripper Rick (r) and LaToya

Club Owner Steve and My best friend
Secrets Club Owner Steve and my best friend who will remain unnamed for now.

That’s one of my personal best friends – or should I say two of my personal best friends above.  Steve the owner of Secrets in D.C.Secrets in D.C. and my other best friend – we will call him Big Hunk E for now.   Steve on the left is fucking hot.  He’s been a great friend the past year or so and it has been a lot of fun working with him and his male strippers.  We have formed a great working releationship and a great friendship.  Big Hunk E on the right is a great guy that lives not too far from me.  We would hang out from time to time.  He’s “straight” but has lately been having some fun with bringing his girlfriend to the some of the local Washington, D.C. gay bars. 
Friday night I take Big Muslce Hunk E into Secrets along with his big boobed girlfriend and it wasn’t long before everyone was asking him to take his shirt off.  He did and people were walking up to him giving him tips (dollar bills).  The only time I have ever witnessed a customer getting cash tips.  Damn.  I’ve been trying for years to get him to do a porn – maybe even a solo jack off, but he won’t give in.  I will keep trying.

Use the rating button above and give these guys a rating.  Post a few comments and questions if you like as I know Big Muscle Hunk E is going to watch this post to see his ratings.

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